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Being run by through professionals, The company believes in teamwork based on three fundamentals of quality, safety and customer’s satisfaction. However the overall management and control of the company lies with Mr. Neeraj Sharma the Founder, Promoter and Chairman of the Company.

Mr. Neeraj Sharma
A qualified Civil Engineer, Mr. Neeraj Sharma has more than 15 years hands on experience of construction and Real Estate development. He firmly believes that it is only customer’s satisfaction that is the key to consistent growth and development. His dynamic leadership and strong vision result in turning every blueprint into a success. Three words define him completely -approachable, friendly and problem solver.

Mr. Kulbir Singh

One of the Promoter Director of the Company, Mr. Kulbir Singh is a seasoned professional in Liaising with the Government Departments and Local Authorities. His passion for perfection pushes all his subordinates to their optimum, resulting in timely and satisfactory completion of all projects.

Mr. Dheeraj Gupta

Mr. Dheeraj Gupta is the Director in one of the Group Companies. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has over 14 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Strategic Business Planning and Private Equity. He is responsible for framing Corporate Strategies of the group and also take care of Financial aspects of any project undertaken by the group companies.

Mr. Sushil Kumar Teotia

The Director in one of the Group Companies, Mr. Teotia has more than a decade’s  experience in various capacities in  the Real Estate sector. His team oriented approach makes him natural leader and popular with his colleagues