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Neesu Group’s is one of the fastest growing construction organisation in Northern India is engaged in civil, structural and other allied services with associated equipment & specialist contracting support.

We are committed to have the best safety record and to keep on upgrading it each year.

It is a discipline, which must be upper most in our minds when doing our day to day business and cannot be delegated absolved or ignored. Site, work and operations managements at all levels have a particular important role in maintaining standard in view of the hazardous working environment under their control.

The partner of Neesu regards proper management of safety as an integral parts of its business activities and requires the company to:

  • Produce and implement a detailed policy, which will ensure that safety matters are given proper consideration.
  • Take all reasonably practical measures to ensure the safety and welfare at work of all employees and other who may be affected by our activities, and to comply with all statutory requirements and code of Practices.